Animals for Adoption

Your support is important to our work at Canterbury Tails. There are many ways you can contribute towards our causes, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. Part of our mission is to showcase these animals as individuals due respect and kindness. We re-home them to compassionate people. We don't sell animals. Often their short lives have been about money and therefore we don't  want to associate a cost to them so that stops with us. We are run on donations only not sales so if you wish to donate that will help us to continue our work. You will also be asked to sign the adoption agreement. If you would like to give some of these gorgeous personalities a non eating non breeding home or would simply like more information please contact us.


Omi is already a very lucky piglet. Will you be the forever home she's needs?

Little Omi was born on a pig farm 22nd April and she was so tiny she had trouble eating. She was given to a lovely lady who has raised her since that first day.

Omi is a special wee girl. She lived in a caravan and followed her human mum all over the camping ground!

As she grows it is obvious that she needs to find her permanent family.

Omi is a lucky girl who was able to leave the farm and has a real chance at life. She will be only going to safe homes as a pet.

Omi will grow into a large pig.

If you already have a pig or two and would like to add this gorgeous girl to your family contact me on

or txt me 027 4055507.