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Our fosters are very important to us. Can you take an animal in for a short time either to bottle feed or until a permanent home is found? 



You can volunteer your time in a number of ways. Perhaps by transporting animals(big and small), helping us with animal rescues or coming to a working bees.  Events such as working bees are held a few times a year at Canterbury Tails.
The dates announced here and on social media.




Are you able to open your heart and offer a safe forever home to wonderful animal who hasnt found his/her place yet?


We are a registered charity #CC58280

To make a one-off donation, or become a supporter with a regular donation please use the details below.

Canterbury Tails Charitable Trust


Please email us on to confirm your deposit and we will send you a tax receipt so you can get a third of your donation back from IRD.

Another way to support us is through Patreon. You receive unique content that only our Patreon supporters can access.

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