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Did you know that Roosters look after hens and keep them safe. They alert them to danger, find food and hunt out delicious treats. When it comes to bedtime, rosters heard the girls off to bed. Ive found our roosters to be inquisitive, with individual likes and dislikes. The never fail to make me smile. The 10 roosters living here have their own group of hens they each look after. They love crowing back and forth to each other to let everyone know everything is OK.

Unfortunately here in New Zealand roosters and male chics are often discarded or killed as unwanted by-products of egg production. Whether that is egg farming or backyard hens. Every year, millions of day old male chicks are either gased or shredded alive in this counrty. The chics are killed no matter which egg farming method is used, whether it's cage, barn or free range.
To learn more about this check out SAFE.

About Big Boy
This gorgeous rooster was dumped. Discarded in a remote area left to fend for himself. We went during the night while he was roosting in a tree and brought him here to safety. He now lives with us.
Likes finding treats for his girls and dust baths in the dirt.

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