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A final update on your Give-a-little donations.

Our latest Give-a-little page has just closed and I want to update you on what we did with your money. Your donation made an amazing difference and for the ducks and chooks it continues to do so everyday. We were able to clear $491.53 of vets bills and put up our bird fencing costing $546.22. The remainder was animal feed. Vet $491.53 Food $197.25 Fencing $546.22 Total donated $1,235.00 ****I appreciate you giving your hard earned dollars to us here**** During this time (after re-opening after lockdown) we have taken in hens GiGi and Henny Penny, collected hens and a rooster from Otago and rehomed them, helped find a home for 3 piglets, taken in Stompy the little sheep, rehomed Meyer the horse, set up a support group for the 10 cows (Whakapara Girls) ,taken in Isabella(will post about her soon), 6 elderly sheep and found 2 horses a home....whew. A huge THANKYOU to you. Please keep up with new events and rescues happening. Thanks Sharlene Wilson Canterbury Tails Animal Rescue. Be Kind To Every Kind X

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