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Animals for Adoption

Pumba and Schnuzzle Charlie Silkie Chickens

Pumba and Schnuzzle 3-year-old Captain Cook piggies. Best buddies!

Pumba was saved from pig dogs in mid-winter at fox terrier size nearly 3 years ago. Schnuzzle's origin is unknown, but they now share their days on a large forest lot in Canterbury. They can't stay there any longer so they need a new home! Pumba is a bit of a star in Sumner where he lived for a couple of years. He went on walks and swam at the beach. He had his own social media page and a small fanbase.

You might have been lucky enough to see him on his weekly visit to the Fish n Chip shop while he waited outside for his human dad. Please contact me for more info.


Charlie - from the Christchurch City Council Pound. Located here at Canterbury Tails.

Charlie had a tough start to his life. This lost wee boy was in the pound before he was a month old and had already weened himself. When I picked him up he was silent except for one small baaa as he was loaded into my vehicle. He was quiet. Once we got home tho he was very chatty! He straight away started being very excited and chatting to all the animals he could. He spent some time checking out his surroundings when he arrived and meet Piggins through the fence.

Piggins ran off and brought him a welcome gift, a mouthful of grass and put it in front of him. Cute!!!

Charlie is currently hanging out with our elderly boys, Dave and Midgey, to give him a slow introduction to being a sheep.

He has now been castrated and has had a vet check and blood tests. The vet believes he's approx 3-4 months old. It is hard to put an exact age to him as he has been slightly stunted in his growth due to not getting the early nutrients a growing lamb needs. He is a healthy wee boy in spite of his rough start.

Charlie is a sweet and curious boy and has a long happy life in front of him. Will you be his family?

Silkie chickens- Located here at Canterbury Tails.

3 Silkie roosters and 3 Silkie hens are looking for a home. The ideal home would be somewhere that understands the Silkie breed and already know how to care for Silkies or are prepared to learn. They will be rehomed as a flock so they won't be split up.

I'm looking for a non-exploitative home, ready to love these 6 little personalities without asking for anything in return! A home that doesn't want to breed them, eat them or care about eggs.

Contact me on. or the social media below.

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