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Hi all, Just updating you on all the stuff we have happening at Canterbury Tails Animal Rescue.

💚We are still working at getting Marshmallow (large saddleback pig)here from Kaikoura. Trip #4 happens in the next few days .Will cost us upto $1000 for float rental for this trip alone(2 weeks rental) If you can help us financially it would be amazing.💚 I'm working on new additions to our web page💚rehabilitation for Michael(the starved Muscovy drake) is going well. He was so weak he couldn't walk and only weight 2.8kg. I weighted him yesterday and he is now 4.2! Yay. He should be between 6~7kgs.💚 we had a mini working bee out here last Saturday.💚 I will have 12 baby Muscovy ducks(5 months old) ready for adoption soon💚 The geese rescue continues...there are only 12 geese left there. We have geese ready for adoption 💚 we have a couple of eldery ewes Edna and Trudy that we had to say goodbye to on Thursday. Their arthritis had made their days tough for them. The vet came and put them to sleep. They are buried together here under the trees. It was very emotional😔 🌱


We have alot of costs at the moment. The food bill has gone crazy with the extra birds we have at the moment and trips to kaikoura so if you can donate to us that would be amazing 🌸💚🌱 03-0830-0091474-000

Canterbury Tails Charitable Trust

registered charity CC58280.


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