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Caramel Scrumptious needs a home!

This gorgeous girl is called Caramel Scrumptious (Scrumpy) and she's always up for a snuggle and scratch .

She is very helpful in the garden clearing up the leaf litter and doing some pruning. Her feral heard had been wrecking havoc in a market flower garden and were sadly killed. This wee girl was saved. She's great friends with a Border Collie and loves a run around the cul-de-sac and down the beach. She absolutely loves goat nuts but only a handful allowed so as not to give her a tummy ache. Loves roses, apricots, elm, willow, photinia etc. Not keen on Griselinia or pittos. She's talented at balancing along the top of pool fencing 🌸😁

Scrumptious is in Amberley, Noth Canterbury and can be transported.

If you can offer her a save home with other goat friends please email

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