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Cow support group!

Hello lovely people!

I’m setting up a support group for ten adult Hereford/freisian cows that live in Northland. Its best they stay where they are as we are not likely to find a safe home for all ten of them together. This is where you come in…I need the help of some generous and kind people. Whether you can donate your time, vehicle or money…I need you.

My plan is to help with transporting and purchasing supplementary feed, support her with feeding out and general vet costs, also arranging times for people to visit them.

***Based in Hikurangi Northland****There are ten adult Hereford/freisian cows, seven years old this year, bred for meat market and due for processing five years ago however they were rescued by a wonderful women but the aging carer needs help with them now. The pasture is insufficient and requires supplementing most days with hay. They have developed a family community bond due to their years together. A recent hope was for them to be re-homed at a vegan centre out of Auckland, however, they were considered too big.

Please contact me

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