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Fourteen Angora Goats and Biscuit the Alpaca.

Fourteen Angora goats of varying ages (eleven does & 3 wethers). A Ten year old Alpaca called Biscuit.

Each have a name and unique character, all so loving and playful. Poppy who is two is the youngest. Emerald, the oldest is nine.

Shearing their Mohair twice a year keeps them with the hay and multi grain nut treats that they adore.

Biscuit is the ten-year-old Alpaca. He was taken in when his partner passed away, left on his own in a small field next to a train line. He adores his new family with whom he follows, eats and sleeps with. Such a gentle adorable chap.

They all need a new home as the owners sadly need to return to the UK. They are heartbroken at having to leave them. She wants to do right by finding the right person or family who will care and love them. They can go to separate homes if needed but the best outcome is that they can stay together.

Located in North Otago.

Please contact me via

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