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Hello you have room for me or my babies?

Hello, I am an affectionate tabby girl looking for loving homes for myself and three of my 10 week old tabby kittens.

I was left in the country to fend for myself when I was expecting my litter of six babies. Fortunately, I was taken in by a kind human and brought up my babies in a snug bustling cottage with 2 other cats, 2 dogs and 4 humans. Although they love us, enjoy kitten antics and cuddles, they are not able to keep us.

I am about 18 months old. Two weeks ago I had an operation so I won’t have any more babies. I am a strong supporter of family planning, having raised 6 babies already! I am exceptionally friendly and cuddly, as are my kittens.

Do you have a home, away from busy roads, and have room in your life for me or one of my babies , please contact our agent Sarah, on 022 435 8198🌸😽 #safehome #bekindtoeverykind #helpinganimals #bekindtoeverykind #helpinganimals

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