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Our Sweetpea :(

We sadly lost this wee girl. Ive named her Sweet-pea as I always give the animals a name when they pass away if they haven't had one. Sweet-pea was part of 20 hens and roosters from a deceased estate of from North Otago that we went and picked up last year. The other day I found her half hiding under one of the hen houses and lying on her side. I took her inside for a bath and tried to see if she had an egg stuck. I couldn't tell, but she was quite lethargic. I dried her, feed her some peas and got some water into her. She started drinking by herself I had hope when I saw her perk up, however she passed just a hour later. 😥 Its always sad to loose one of our family. I wish I had seen her sooner and was able to get her help but im glad she wasn't alone.

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