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Re-homing the year of the pig!!

We are very busy with pigs at the moment! In just the last 4 weeks we have re-homed 5 pigs in Canterbury and Otago. A total of 9 pigs so far in 2019.

Definitely the Year of the Pig!🐖🐽🐗🐷🐷

So that is finding homes; checking homes; meeting the animals in some cases and organizing vet visits.

Then we either transport the pigs ourselves or co-coordinate the transport. Then I follow up a couple of weeks after the adoption for an update...Whew!

Below is our 2019 family (Left to right) Porky and Babe(they had no names before being re-homed), Piggles, Addie, Bart, Tracey and Sharon, Oscar and Doris.

There are a lot of ways you can help. We will soon be collating a database of people across the country who can help transport animals( not just pigs but also ducks, chooks, roosters, sheep, cows, horses, alpaca etc) and those than can be short term fosters. In the meantime please contact us to let us know you would like to help.

Please tell everyone you know about us. We are particularly worried about animals that are left with houses when the owners move. So if you know of any animal in need contact us.

Also please think about being a regular donor.Your money will help with the rescue vet bills and transportation! Donate directly to the Canterbury Tails bank account 03-0823-0022497-001 or via the Pay Pal link on the home page.

Check out our social media Fb and Instagram @canterburytailsnz. Twitter @cantytailsnz.

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