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Reaching out.

Canterbury Tails has been running for 2 years now and we've been able to rescue and re-home many abandoned and unwanted animals that would have otherwise died. Its been a real passion for me and I've thrown myself into helping as many animals as possible. In that time I've built a website and databases, conducted many home visits, multiple trips to the vet, working bees, co-coordinated foster homes and transportation, started (and some times even finished)building projects and a school visit! All this while being a working mum! As you can imagine I cant continue without your help. Canterbury Tails been able to recover and/or re-homed to safe non eating homes 18 pigs , 200 chickens including 170 ex farm hens, 6 sheep, 8 roosters , 20 ducks and a kitten. So occasionally we do need financial assistance and that is why I'm reaching out.

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