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There are many ways that passionate people can help!

Over the last couple of years I’ve met amazing people throughout the country who are keen to help animals in any way they can. The majority of people who care aren't in a position to permanently home an animal in need (big or small) but

You can assist by becoming a short term foster home, transporting animals, helping with home visits or feeding animals in remote areas of NZ. This way we can help more animals across NZ. I don’t want location to limit the animals that can be rescued and re-homed. So if you,or anyone you know, might like to offer a foster home or become a transport volunteer please go to the Foster and Transport pages to fill in the forms. My goal is to have more contacts in every area of the county so we can help more animals live and be loved. Be Kind To Every Kind

Share this with anyone who may be in a position to foster, transport animals (big or small) or any other miscellaneous assistance, in any location in New Zealand. Get them to fill out the online form and I will make contact with them.

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