These beautiful Muscovy ducks are looking for a new home.

These beautiful Muscovy ducks are looking for a new home.

"These two are Muscovy ducks, who are more like waterfowl/geese.

Sunny is the drake with light coloured feathers and Storm is a gorgeous girl with dark feathers. We adopted them in December 2021 when they were babies.

We are seeking a new home for them as very sadly our living space is no longer suitable. We are looking for a home where they can be as free roaming as possible, with other ducks, no clipping of their wings and where they will be loved as a part of the family. Peas and watermelon are their favourite treat, and we feed them 1-2 x per day of poultry pellets. They need access to relatively clean water at all times as they love to play in water and are always pruning and cleaning their feathers!

Sunny is a strong natured male duck so would suit people who know and understand duck behaviour.

Please message Max on 0224096040 if you are interested in bringing these sweet souls into your family.

They are very loved💚"

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