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Updates...Thankyou for your support.

I'm really happy with what we've been able to accomplish here at Canterbury Tails over the last 5 weeks! We've been able to help 17 animals to safe secure non eating homes!

I found a home for Meyer an elderly Clydesdale to a wonderfully family where she is loved and cared for.

A gentleman with 6 sheep, he's had for many years and can no longer keep, is very happy to have found us on Google and been to visit us a couple of times. We have promised him his woolly family have a place with us. They will come here in the next couple of weeks.

Stompy the little sheep was found in a dire state, stuck in a hole. After being released by the farmer and being nursed back to he health by the couple who found her this lucky wee girl was brought out here to live.

We took Willie the lonely pig to his new home where he has made great friends with his new paddock mate Oscar( a piggy we rescued last year).

Henny Penny the little silver hen was dropped out to us (along with bags of food)and has joined in with our feathered flock really well.

Two little woolly boys born on Monday (currently nameless 4 day old lambs) have a forever home here and are being bottle fed and loved by a wonderful foster family.

Soon I head out on a trip to pick up a little feathered family of 6 and join them with their new family here in Canterbury.

We couldn't have done this without your kindness. We've had 4 vets checks done during that time for these animals and your donations support our work.

Kind To Every Kind


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