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Raising Funds for  Paul’s
Medical Care

Paul, our beloved pig and one of the first animals we rescued at Canterbury Tails, urgently needs your help.

He’s been diagnosed with an infection in his foot, and he needs surgery.

Paul’s gentle nature and resilience have made him a cherished member of our sanctuary family. Your generous donation will go directly towards Paul’s medical expenses and help us provide him with the best care possible. Together, we can ensure that Paul continues to thrive and inspire compassion for farmed animals. Please, help us help Paul in his time of need and donate today.




“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~ William James

We advocate for animals, with a dedicated effort to rescue and re-home farmed animals and a commitment to share their stories.

Every animal is an individual that deserves kindness and compassion.
Canterbury Tails Animal Rescue was founded in New Zealand in 2017. 
We are a small family-run animal rescue in the South Island of New Zealand which is also a sanctuary for a small group of animals. By sharing the stories of the animals we meet I hope to create awareness and show people that these "pets" are no different from the animals people eat.

It all started in 2017, we were contacted by a friend who was aware of a pet pig who needed a new home. Poro (now Paul) a much-loved pet pig had outgrown his home but there were very few options for this beautiful boy. It is then that we realized how at risk these unconventional pets are. Paul now lives with us. Since then we've taken in "pets' as well as animals destined for the freezer and found safe forever homes for many others.
We became a registered charity in 2020 (#CC58280

The only difference between a companion animal and a farmed one lies in the presence and actions of the humans they encounter.

Every animal is an individual.
Be Kind. Be Courageous.

Sharlene Wilson x


Whether you need our help or can help us we encourage you to contact us here with the form or on social media.

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