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Animals for Adoption


About Us

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"-William James

I'm passionate about animals and education. As we rescue more and more animals I'm concentrating on education and telling the stories of the animals we've met. 
Education is the key to reducing the suffering of animals. This involves public speaking, attending local events /expos and expanding my website.
This is all in addition to the work we do with the animals we already have in our care here at Canterbury Tails. 

Every animal is an individual that deserves kindness and compassion. Canterbury Tails Animal Rescue was founded in New Zealand in 2017.  We are a small family run animal rescue  in the South Island of New Zealand which is also a sanctuary to a small group of animals. We share the stories of the animals we meet to to create awareness and show people that these "pets" are no different than the animals people eat.

In 2017, we were contacted by a friend who was aware of a pet pig who needed a new home. Poro (now Paul) a much-loved pet pig had outgrown his home but there were very few options for this beautiful boy. It is then that we realized how at risk these unconventional pets are. Paul now lives with us. Since then we've taken in "pets' as well as animals destined for the freezer and found safe forever homes for many others.
The only difference between an animal that is cuddled and one who is farmed is the human in their lives.
Every animal is an individual.
Be Kind To Every Kind
We are a registered charity #CC58280

two pigs in grass Canterbury Tails Animal Rescue and Sanctuary


Are you able to open your heart and offer a safe forever home to wonderful animal who hasnt found his/her place yet?



Our fosters are very important to us. Can you take an animal in for a short time either to bottle feed or until a permanent home is found? 

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Pile of Coins


We are a registered charity #CC58280

To make a one-off donation, or become a supporter with a regular donation please use the details below.

Canterbury Tails Charitable Trust


Please email us on to confirm your deposit and we will send you a tax receipt so you can get a third of your donation back from IRD.

Another way to support us is through Patreon. You receive unique content that only our Patreon supporters can access.



You can volunteer your time in a number of ways. Perhaps by transporting animals(big and small), coming to a working bee or by visiting homes and animals in remote areas.  Events such as working bees are held a few times a year at Canterbury Tails.
The dates announced here and on social media.

You can also stay onsite for a night or two as a volunteer.



"Act as if what you do makes a difference.
It does"

William James


Whether you need our help or can help us we encourage you to contact us here or on social media.
If the situation is URGENT call us on 027 4055507.

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